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Newhouse KC holds friendly competition to raise funds for domestic violence survivors

Tackling DV
Posted at 9:03 AM, Feb 09, 2024

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — There's been several friendly wagers and competitions happening between Kansas City and San Francisco organizations as the Kansas City Chiefs prepare for Sunday.

Newhouse KC created a Super Bowl competition to raise awareness for domestic violence survivors. It's called 'Tackling DV." They're collaborating with La Casa de las Madres, a domestic violence shelter in San Francisco, in a shared effort to raise $5,000 by Super Bowl Sunday.

"Funds will be used by both organizations, helping people in San Francisco and Kansas City. Domestic violence knows no bounds," Newhouse KC Chief Marketing Officer Rachel Hodgson said. "It happens in every city, every state , across the world and the country. Every community is affected by it, it's a community health issue . So we know it's everywhere, it's pervasive, so why not take this as an opportunity in a friendly way and raise money, but also raise voices."

Funds will go towards safe shelter, therapy for all ages, legal care, child care, among other services.

Hodgson said the competition also serves as a reminder how holidays and big sporting events, like the Super Bowl, can be a busy time for domestic violence shelters.

"We know we might get more phone calls Sunday, Monday because feelings and emotions are high and the cities who are often in Super Bowls often have an uptick in calls," Hodsgon said. "So we are trying to also make sure, people watching the game are friendly to each other, have a good time , don't take it too seriously. Be good to one another and if you see someone who is facing abuse, reach out, let them know that you see them, give us a call."

To learn more about how to join in on the competition, click here.