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No impeachment vote taken Monday night against Greenwood Mayor Levi Weaver

Greenwood Mayor Levi Weaver
Posted at 10:38 PM, Sep 18, 2023
and last updated 2023-09-19 09:36:33-04

GREENWOOD, Mo. — The Greenwood, Missouri, Board of Aldermen did not take an impeachment vote against Mayor Levi Weaver on Monday night.

It comes after the board had previously drafted three articles of impeachment against Weaver — one for blocking citizens on the city's Facebook page, violating the city's enforcement of business licenses and pulling out a gun on city aldermen.

Weaver's impeachment hearing lasted for just over three hours and he spent two of those testifying on his own behalf.

During his testimony, Weaver admitted to blocking citizens on Facebook and to verbally threatening Greenwood Alderman Kyron McClure.

However, Weaver once again denied brandishing a weapon toward McClure.

Weaver claimed at the hearing McClure was communicating with his son during a custody battle. He also said that after a couple beers, he showed up to McClure's home upset.

During the confrontation with McClure, Weaver threatened to release "everything he knows about" him, but says he never touched his weapon.

Still, a witness testified Weaver was holding his weapon in his holster during the argument.

When admitting to blocking citizens on Facebook, Weaver's attorney cited a city resolution that gives him the authority to remove or restrict citizens from the page.

Weaver admitted to doing so twice due to false statements and personal attacks made about him.

At the hearing, Weaver was questioned about his interpretation of the city's business license policy and enforcement on who he believes needs a business license.

Next, the board will make a decision on Weaver's impeachment after Sept. 25.

If he's impeached, as the acting president of the board, McClure will assume mayor duties until the board appoints a new mayor.