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Olathe nonprofit sends medical supplies to Ukraine hospital

Global Care Force
Posted at 6:49 PM, Apr 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-12 06:15:08-04

OLATHE, Kan. — A local nonprofit is helping save lives in Ukraine by sending much-needed medical supplies.

Olathe-based Global Care Force packed 10,000 doses of antibiotics and other supplies into suitcases to send to a hospital in Kyiv.

Director of operations Dr. Debbi McCullock flew to the Poland/Ukraine border last week to deliver the supplies. McCullock is preparing to travel back to the U.S. this week and said the last week weighs heavy on her heart.

"Just realizing they lost everything, so many people have, it is really heartbreaking," McCullock said.

During her time there, McCullock has met with refugees fleeing Ukraine and heard their stories about leaving everything they've known behind.

"I think they are grieving, they're hurting, it seems like they are just kind of numb to what is happening, it's a lot," McCullock said.

Global Care Force typically mobilizes volunteers to send to communities in need. However, McCullock said a hospital in Ukraine reached out asking for medical supplies.

She met with doctors from the hospital to pass off the supplies. During her trip, she also met with humanitarian groups to find potential volunteer opportunities for Global Care Force.

While the experience leaves her heart feeling heavy, she says there is a silver lining, she's blown away by the number of people and groups doing what they can to help.

"I think especially after the last couple of years we all can take a deep breath and realize how much goodness there is in the world and how many good people there are that have responded to show up to help and just to carry someone's bag, just to give them a hug and just to say it's going to be OK," McCullock said.