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One Tank Trips: Exploring Independence

Adventure through the City of Independence
harry truman home
noland home
courthouse exchange
Posted at 5:00 AM, Jul 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-16 08:19:41-04

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — Our One Tank Trips crew explored the City of Independence, visiting the Harry S. Truman Home and the Noland Home, Clinton's Soda Fountain and the Courthouse Exchange.

Our 33rd President lived in the home that sits on Delaware Street with his wife, Bess from 1919 until his passing in 1972.

Currently, the home is closed for tours inside, but visitors can still tour the outside. That tour features an up-close look at Harry Truman's last car, which is a 72 Chrysler Newport.

Located right across the street is the Noland Home, which belonged to Truman's aunt and uncle.

The Noland Home is open for tours inside and features an in-depth look at Harry and Bess Truman's love story, his childhood and his accomplishments before, during and after his presidency.

For more information, visit the home's website.

Clinton's Soda Fountain has been in business since 1988, but the building itself has been on Independence Square since the 1800s.

George Clinton bought it in the 1880s and it became his drug store. He was a pharmacist, and it was the first place that Harry Truman had a job.

Over the years, it was a shoe store, jewelry store and soda fountain. Currently, it serves as a soda fountain - whipping up food, sundaes and phosphates.

You can find out more information online.

The Court House Exchange has been serving burgers since 1899 and continues that tradition today.

The building is also said to be haunted as several employees and guests have reported chilling encounters.

From hearing footsteps on the upper levels when no one is there, to seeing figures and hearing laughter in empty bathrooms, there is no shortage of stories to go along with your meal.

You can get a burger and sign up for a ghost tour online.