Peters Baker declines to file charges against Greitens

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Special Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker said Friday her office will not file any charges against former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens.

In a press release posted on her website, Peters Baker said that after a review of the evidence, her office did not have sufficient evidence to file new charges in the case.

Peters Baker was named special prosecutor in the case last month after St Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner was prohibited from working the case.

Gardner’s office had originally filed felony invasion of privacy charges against the former governor, which were later dropped.

In a press conference Friday, Baker described her investigation as a race against the clock to make a decision on whether or not to file charges before the statute of limitations expired. She also stated she was frustrated by a lack of cooperation she received when trying to gather information in the case. 

Baker did say that she found the alleged victim to be credible and believes that she was photographed. However, Baker said her statement was the only significant piece of evidence she had in the case and neither she nor the woman felt that was enough to prove wrongdoing beyond a reasonable doubt. 

Baker also said that the alleged victim faced numerous attempts to discredit her by the defense team. Baker said she was repeatedly asked questions such as, "who did your boobs?", "do you have a belly ring?" and "are you a liar?"

The woman's attorney put out a statement Friday, thinking Peters Baker, her team and the Missouri Highway Patrol for their support. It also criticized the defense team for asking irrelevant questions and humiliating question. The statement also accuses the woman's ex-husband of taking a six-figure payout in exchange for the testimony.



Baker considered other charges against the governor as well, such as domestic violence and assault. However, she said the statute of limitations had expired in those. 

She also said her team considered St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Garnder to be a witness in the case, and therefore did not strategize with her or her team. 

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