Police investigate possible abduction in northeast Kansas City

Posted at 5:14 AM, Apr 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-13 20:07:47-04

Police learned about an alleged kidnapping Thursday because of one woman who was aware of her surroundings.  

She told 41 Action News it took six people to pull off the crime. Police are looking for all of them and their victim. 

When Tammy Leggs and her husband came home early Thursday morning they noticed a suspicious man in a minivan at the corner of Prospect and Elma. 

“You could tell that he was up to something, so he’s looking, he’s smoking his cigarette, looking all around, he sees us, throws his cigarette, and he drives around,” Leggs said.

She said the driver circled around the block six times before parking next to an alleyway. 

“I hear the screams. I come out, run out my driveway and they're dragging her out of the alleyway. She screaming, hollering saying, ‘No,’ and they're like, ‘Yes! Come on.’ They’re like, ‘Let's go, let's go.’ She's like, 'No I'm not going, I'm not going,’” Leggs said.

She wanted to get the four men off the young woman, but she wasn’t sure if they were armed. 

“He shoves her in the car. He’s like, ‘Get in!’ She’s fighting with him trying to get out. ‘No! No!’ And he's like, ‘No! You're going with me whether you want to or not!’ All of a sudden he just shoved her in the car. Her shoe knocked off her foot. He took off a black latex glove and threw it down there,” Leggs said. 

Police were on the lookout Thursday for the victim and her alleged kidnappers. Officers spotted the suspect vehicle at least once Thursday afternoon. 

“The vehicle that took off from 2026 last seen in the area of 12th and Topping. It’s a white Dodge Caravan,” a dispatcher said in a transmission to officers.

As the search continues Leggs is pleading for the victim’s safe return. 

“Whoever she is, her family is worried about her and she wasn't trying to go willingly, so I don’t think he should have taken her and whoever you are bring her back,” Leggs said. 

If you know anything about this reported kidnapping call police or the KC Crimestoppers Hotline 816- 474-TIPS (8477).