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'Proceed with patience': Botanical expert offers tips as warm weather causes sprouts

“Proceed with patience” — botanical expert offers tips as warm weather causes sprouts
Posted at 9:28 AM, Feb 22, 2024

BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. — The unseasonably warm weather has people ready to thaw out their green thumbs, even if it is only February.

Colonial Gardens’ resident botanical specialist Brian Pirtle provided KSHB 41 News viewers tips on how to prepare for spring.

"Proceed with patience, so when it gets cold, don't freak out," said Pirtle. "This is Missouri, it's gonna happen. It's gonna go up, it's gonna go down, it's gonna get cold again, I can guarantee you. So just be patient. Your tulips and your daffodils will be fine. They're kind of used to it."

First, he said to start prepping your gardening beds and lawns. Pirtle said right now is the appropriate time to put down fresh compost and pre-emergent to prevent weeds from popping up.

Next, don’t forget to water. Pirtle said a good soak every couple of weeks will keep your soil ready for planting.

Pirtle said to focus on preparations now, and the planting will come later.

“I’d be a little hesitant to plant, especially warm season plants, and still be just a hair hesitant to plant the cool season plants. Now, planting them inside, planting your seeds and getting them in the window,” said Pirtle. “It's time to get your seeds out. It's time to get your lights out and get your seeds in front of your windows, but it is not time to plant out in the garden just yet.”

Pirtle said Colonial Gardens has had plenty of customers coming in to get fertilizer and seeds. He reminds people pansies are now available and ready to plant.