Raytown apartment home to 'slum' complaints again

Posted at 4:01 PM, Jun 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-14 19:26:07-04

41 Action News spoke with multiple tenants living in Amber Glenn Apartments in Raytown, Missouri who are complaining of broken air conditioning units, mold, and open wiring. They claim multiple maintenance requests have gone ignored for several weeks. 

"It's not safe at all," said Holly Rodgers. "especially when I have my ten-year-old daughter."

Rodgers moved into Amber Glenn with her family in January. She claims her apartment has mold, open wiring, and a broken air conditioner, which is becoming more alarming as the warm spring days transition into another sweltering Kansas City summer.

"I don't see why he's not fixing it," she said. "We've been sleeping on our couch for the last month because it's getting so hot."

Rodgers first complained about the broken AC nearly six weeks ago. She said her requests continue to go ignored. 

"These conditions, they make him look like a slum lord," aid Rodgers in reference to the property manager. 

41 Action News visited another family of five on the property. They wish to stay anonymous. They had similar issues they say have been ignored for weeks. 

"It looks like wax and black mold to me," said the mother of three while pointing on the floor near the toilet. 

Their AC has also been blowing out hot air since they moved in last month. 

It's not the first time tenants have turned to 41 Action News for help. We did several stories on the Amber Glenn Apartments in 2015 surrounding complaints of mold, bed bugs and wood rot. The city of Raytown nearly shut down the apartments and evicted everyone after Amber Glenn ownership failed to pay the property's water bill for a year and a half, owing the city more than $42,000. A deal to pay back the city was made days after the 41 Action News story aired. 

Previous coverage: 

As for these newest concerns at the apartments, 41 Action News tracked down property manager and co-owner Jesse Davila. He declined an interview but sent us this statement:

"Amber Glenn apts consists of 120 units. In the past week, 17 units have had AC units serviced. The final two apartments were authorized by management for AC repairs to be performed by the affected tenant who is a certified HVAC technician.  The verbal agreement was to deduct the cost of both repairs upon confirmation of the pricing with the tenant. The tenant reviewed the AC units yesterday and, inexplicably, contacted the media rather than providing the AC bid and scheduling the freon recharge.

An issue of a water leak causing potential mold was also brought to our attention by the media. This water issue was never brought to the attention of management by the tenant either verbally or in writing as required under the lease terms.

The AC and water issues are scheduled for repairs by tomorrow."

Sure enough, just minutes after leaving their apartments, both families who spoke with 41 Action News confirmed that Davila assured them all requests would be fixed ASAP. 

The City of Raytown said Amber Glenn has no outstanding bills or reported code violations right now. 

41 Action News spoke with a local attorney specializing in tenant rights. He recommended the following if you're under lease and can't get anything fixed.

  • Call the city code inspector. Any documentation of violations can help in court. 
  • Contact the county health department to document any mold. 
  • The Missouri Repair and Deduct statute legally allows you to deduct self-repair costs from your rent. However, there are restrictions so consulting an attorney is recommended.