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Residents of Andover, Kansas continue clean up from Friday's tornado

Andover Tornado
Posted at 3:36 PM, May 01, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-01 18:32:52-04

ANDOVER, Kan. — Sunday marked day two of cleaning up after a tornado in Andover, Kansas, on Friday night.

The National Weather Service Wichita said in a tweet "preliminary damage assessment of the tornado that impacted the Andover area is EF-3."

Many people spent Sunday morning cleaning up debris and trying to find any of their personal belongings.

"I think we are still in shock. It's going to be a long road ahead, so I think mainly just trying to figure out the next steps," Sydney Rummery, whose house was hit by the tornado. "We are trying to figure out where to store items, where do you put your house?"

Rummery and her husband have lived in the neighborhood for four years. Rummery was not home during the tornado, but her husband was. He was able to get in the basement and is okay, along with both of their dogs. They had tons of family and friends helping them pile up limber and find any of their clothes or other belongings that were thrown around.

"A lot of people have my clothes. I have no idea where anything is," Rummery said. "It will really hit us when we figure out what our next steps, when do we return to work, where do we move?"

Her next door neighbor, Guy Quinn, was home when the tornado hit. He's still in shock over this tornado.

"It's crazy. The insurance company said they wouldn't be out until probably the middle of next week. It's a hurry up and wait on that. We are just digging through and see what we can find on day two," Quinn said on Sunday.

His family had been searching long and hard for two things this weekend: their cats. Good news, one was found on Saturday and another on Sunday. They have only been in the home for a few months.

"We just settled in. The girls are in new schools, they love it. Then this happens and now what do you do? We will cross that bridge shortly," Quinn said.

Andover is hosting some events to help for those interested in volunteering: