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Residents pleased after leaders vote to dismiss commercial project near Line Creek

Save Line Creek
Posted at 9:05 PM, Aug 16, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-16 22:05:57-04

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A plan to build businesses, including a possible gas station in one Kansas City neighborhood failed to get the stamp of approval during Tuesday’s City Plan Commission meeting.

The project was proposed for the area of North West 68th Street and North West Wakuomis.

On Sunday, community members who live near the area held a meeting to discuss how to present their thoughts to the city.

Neighbors, who are members of Save Line Creek, met to discuss their dislike for the proposed project designed by a Snyder and Associates office based out of St. Joseph, Missouri.

They told KSHB 41 News they were worried that the gas station would pollute Line Creek and increase vehicle and foot traffic.

Carrie Alexander, who started the group Save Line Creek, told KSHB 41 News Sunday that Line Creek and the nature around the area is a big part of what makes up their community.

“We feel like this is a vested interest for our future generations," Alexander said. "My boys are the 5th generation to live on our property born and raised. We care about the creek, we care about this area and we care about our neighbors.”

CeCe Holt, whose kids attend Clay Platte Montessori School, alleged the gas station would pollute the creek that many kids use for school and play.

“The gas is going to run off, all of that is going to collect. They’ve got 16 pumps, they are planning for this," Holt said. "That gas is going to run off with the water and it’s going to get into the water ways.”

Although the pollution on Line Creek was a major concerns for neighbors, there were many other reasons why they did not want the gas station and retail center.

Earl Ostertag, who lives in the area, said congestion is another example of why many disapprove of the project.

“I think there are a lot of perimeter areas that are more commercial, or readily developed as commercial, that wouldn’t be in the center of a residential area and across the street from an elementary school,” Ostertag said.

On Tuesday, members of Save Line Creek were able to share their thoughts on why the project wouldn’t work for their community.

The plan, according to the drawings provided by the City of KCMO, included a gas station, fast food and other office and retail spaces.

The proposal was the last thing on the agenda which was listed as item 20.1 and 20.2

On Tuesday, the City Plan Commission unanimously voted to dismiss item 20.1 and disapprove item 20.2.

Alexander says she felt like her voice was heard.

“Having a gas station within that close proximity to a creek, within that close proximity to an elementary school, within that close proximity to residential homes, you're just asking for disaster," Alexander said. “And our only hope with this was just that the developers would re-imagine their plan and come back with fresh eyes and go, a gas station is not the right.”

Novella Tibbits, who attends Clay Platte Montessori School, told KSHB 41 after the vote that Line Creek is vital to her education and she's glad the decision was made to not approve the project.

“Apart of our education has to do with the creek and just the nature around it, and when the gas station could possibly go in, it could ruin the creek water,” Tibbits said. "And not be safe for anybody to go in it anymore, which will ruin a lot of opportunities to learn for me and all the people and students in my school.”

The city confirmed to KSHB 41 News Tuesday that the applicant can come back and submit a revised plan that would be placed in front of City Council to decide.