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Resolution on renaming Troost Avenue heads to KCMO City Council for more feedback

Ruby Jean's Juicery
Posted at 7:31 PM, May 24, 2023
and last updated 2023-05-24 20:31:32-04

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Known as the dividing line in Kansas City, the name Troost Avenue could soon be history as city leaders and one business owner continue their fight.

Chris Goode, owner of Ruby Jean's Kitchen & Juicery, says it’s time Kansas City walks down the right path of history.

“I see all cultures starting to melt together," Goode said. "This melting pot of a city is starting to form, and so I think it is the responsibility of the Kansas City to ensure that melting pot environment happens in actuality."

For Goode, this starts with putting a red line through the name Troost Avenue, named after a former Kansas City physician, slaver owner and developer.

Goode has been working to change the name to Truth Avenue for over a year.

“It’s really sad that it's this hard to do what's right,” Goode said.

Though a long road ahead remains, Goode's efforts are making progress.

On Wednesday, the Neighborhood Planning and Development Committee heard from KCMO Councilwoman Melissa Robinson, who introduced a resolution to get more feedback on renaming the street.

“A landing page so that we can begin to collect feedback on the renaming of Troost Avenue to Truth Avenue," Robinson said. "And also a report back within 45 days to the full council to let us know what that feedback from residents and property owners along Troost have yielded."

Robinson says the funding for the landing page or any other forms of feedback are private dollars.

“We were able to get private funding to do the community feedback," Robinson said. "The mailer that goes out will go to thousands of people that will be able to weigh in on this."

Robinson said community feedback is just another step before the efforts can move forward.

“Let us know what is being said about the renaming, and from there we would have to introduce an ordinance, and that ordinance would actually be renaming the street,” Robinson said.

Goode says the change is long overdue.

“It’s long overdue to be changed. A narrative of division and separation of red lining of this wall, it’s always been running down this stretch for so many decades," Goode said. "I think it’s time for that symbol, for that messaging, to change and for there to just be one fluent city."

On Thursday, the KCMO City Council will vote on the resolution to create a landing page for community feedback.

The council has 10 days to get the page up and running, and then the staff has 45 to report back on feedback from the community.