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Sea of colors, love take over Theis Park at Kansas City PrideFest

kc pridefest 2022.JPG
kc pridefest 2022.JPG
kc pridefest 2022.JPG
Posted at 10:57 PM, Jun 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-11 23:57:05-04

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City PrideFest took over Theis Park as members of the LGBT+ community and allies poured out to show their pride and support.

"I am fully gay. So being a part of this community is very important, “ said Riyell Bradley, PrideFest-goer.

Bradley says pride starts with acceptance.

“Being accepted, it’s being okay to be who I am and I’m able to be myself,” Bradley said. “I truly believe in representation and now that it’s not a taboo situation, anytime where we can be represented, I like to be a participant."

On Saturday, Bradley and others witnessed many rainbows stretch out across Theis Park, in a sea of support.

It's support that Kansas City Pride Community Alliance president Starzette Palmer says is important.

“One were cool and two it means a lot for that support," Palmer said. "Whether it’s family support, partner support, whatever it may be, it just means a lot to us as LGBTQ individuals, to see folks that are heterosexual or whatever they may be, to just come out and celebrate with us."

For Novice Sisters Molly Alice Minx, and Dusty Gusto'win, seeing folks at KC Pride Fest live in their authentic self is apart of what pride means to them.

“It’s being authentic to yourself and your sovereignty," Minx said. "It’s knowing who you are inside and loving every bit of that, because every bit of that is divine and beautiful and natural."

Many who attended the Kansas City Pride Fest told KSHB 41 that love always wins.

“ I would say that it means that I can be whoever I want to be," Gust'owin said. "I can wear this and not feel like anything is going to happen to me."