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Sisters use hot cocoa stand proceeds to pay back parents for Taylor Swift tickets

Posted at 8:57 PM, Dec 22, 2023
and last updated 2023-12-22 22:14:03-05

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Sisters Maya and Emma Manese started a hot cocoa stand four years ago to spread Christmas cheer and make some money.

But this year, most of what the sisters make will go straight to their parents.

We’re doing it so that we can pay back our parents for Taylor Swift tickets,” said Maya Manese. “We accidentally picked the wrong tickets, so they were a bit more expensive than we thought they were gonna be. And we didn’t want to go back, because then what if we don’t get any?” 

Maya and Emma are huge Swifties, but they missed her two concerts in Kansas City.

They were determined to snag tickets for her extended tour next year in Indianapolis.

Those tickets were pricier than expected — $2,000 total.

The sisters and their two best friends have been busy baking in the kitchen every morning so that they can sell cookies, Rice Krispie treats and hot cocoa in the evening.

Customers can expect an extensive T-Swift themed menu.

“I really like her music and I listen to her all the time. And I’ve also seen videos and she seems like a really nice person,” said Emma Manese.

The Taylor Swift concert they plan to attend falls on Emma’s birthday next year.

The sisters die-hard fandom is apparently being felt across their neighborhood and it has given other parents an idea or two as well.

“I loved the idea that these kids were paying their parents back for buying them Taylor Swift tickets. I took my daughter to Taylor Swift and I was trying to inspire her with that idea,” said customer Jennifer McAdam.

But regardless of anyone’s IOU's, the neighbors are grateful for what this little cocoa stand has done.

“Everyone comes and sees us and I love it. Our neighbors are so nice,” said Maya Manese.