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Start-up Overland Park church trailer stolen

Posted at 11:23 AM, Dec 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-24 19:24:09-05

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — A Grinch has put a damper on the holidays at Fountain City Church in Overland Park, Kansas.

Since October, 50 to 100 people gather at Overland Park Elementary School every Sunday morning for coffee, fellowship and worship services.

Pastor James Cottier said the church is part of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church that works to plant churches all over.

"We really just want to be a church to anyone in this neighborhood, anyone in the city to come worship God, know who Jesus is," Cottier said.

Cottier said when he pulled up to the storage unit where the church's equipment trailer was parked Sunday morning, the spot was empty.

"I was totally shocked," Cottier said. "I had to drive around the parking lot a couple of times to actually feel like it was real and that I wasn't in the wrong spot."

The trailer was full of about $15,000 worth of equipment. It had everything the church needed for its services, such as bible study materials, sound systems, tables, chairs and drapes. It also had a few unique items such as a handmade plate and cup for communion.

When Cottier asked the storage unit about any surveillance footage he was told it didn't have cameras up.

The church still had its services Sunday, they were just a little bare.

Cottier said losing the trailer is frustrating, but he's not angry at whoever stole it.

"We all have low moments, we all make really poor choices and mistakes," Cottier said. "We'd love them to know that even in the midst of this low moment, God is for them, the gospel of Jesus tells us that he still loves them and we'd even love for them to come join us next Sunday."

While the loss is frustrating, he said it can serve as a reminder of what going to church is really about.

"We don't come to this school and worship because of the stuff that's in the trailer, we'll be okay," Cottier said.

The church leadership will meet next week to start figuring out what items it will try to replace.