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Sunday lunar eclipse planned during Chiefs game

Posted: 10:46 AM, Jan 16, 2019
Updated: 2019-01-16 11:46:01-05
Super Blood Moon graphic

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Feast your eyes to the night sky after the Chiefs game Sunday night!

A total lunar eclipse combined with a bright super moon will give us a Super Blood Wolf Moon Sunday night and early Monday morning.

A super moon describes a full moon that is also at its closest point to Earth and will appear slightly larger & brighter in the night sky. The 'Blood' moon describes the red color of the moon as it enters the Earth's shadow during the total lunar eclipse. And finally, a wolf moon is the name given to the first full moon in January.

The timing of the total lunar eclipse will occur around the drive home from Arrowhead Stadium.

Partial Eclipse Begins = 9:33pm
Total Eclipse Begins = 10:41pm
The greatest coloring and view will occur around 11:12pm
Total Eclipse Ends = 11:43pm
Partial Eclipse Ends = 12:50am Monday

The best show in the night sky will last a little longer than 1 hour between 10:41pm and 11:43pm!

A few clouds may move in Sunday night but don't think they'll inhibit our view of the Super Blood Wolf Moon. It will be bitter cold though if you plan to go outside & watch this celestial event! Temperatures will drop into the single digits when the partial eclipse begins.

Happy viewing! Don't forget to send your pictures to us at!