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Super Bowl LVIII victory captured through lens of Kansas City Chiefs fans

Sean Hedden with his 4-year-old
Posted at 6:50 PM, Feb 13, 2024

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — KSHB 41 had crews across the Kansas City area who got to see firsthand reaction from Chiefs fans during the Super Bowl LVIII.

But for the fans who enjoyed the game from the privacy of their homes, we relied on you all to share those moments with us.

That’s why our very own Mick Shaffer put out a social media call for fans to share videos of their best celebration videos from Sunday.

Not only were there dozens of responses, but there were quite a few unexpected twists. So, we caught up with the fans whose videos stood out the most.

Sean Hedden and his Ring camera

Sean Hedden caught our eye after posting a video of him reacting to the game on his ring camera.

The caption read, 'Wife got me on the Ring camera. Had to keep the composure caused I scared our 4 year old earlier in the game haha.'

“I jumped up off the couch screaming, just so excited, and I scared Madison, my 4-year-old; she started bawling,” Hedden said.

So, he took it outdoors.

Hedden lives in Washington but has been a Chiefs fan for decades. He says one thing he did have to keep in mind was his Niner neighbors.

“I had all that emotion pent up, and I didn’t want to scare my daughter again, and so I just let it out,” he said.

He also didn’t realize his Ring camera was recording, so looking back was very comedic.

Even though his primary celebration was outside by himself, his favorite part was sharing the festivities with his family.

“After the first Super Bowl the Chiefs won, my daughter was 2 months old, and my wife took a picture, and I’m just holding her up like this,” Hedden said as he gestured upwards.

Sean Hedden with his 2-month-old
Sean Hedden with his daughter, Madison, at 2-months-old after a Chiefs victory in 2020.

He’s realized he can use Super Bowl victories to measure his daughter’s age.

“Last year when they won, we replicated that photo, and then, Sunday, after they won, we did the same thing," he said.

Sean Hedden with his 4-year-old
Sean Hedden with his daughter, Madison, after the Chiefs' most recent victory in 2024.

JM Angotti: The silent cheerleader

When JM Angotti got home from his friend’s Super Bowl party, he caught the second half of the game with his wife.

His three young children had all been put to bed before the second half, so he came home to a silent house, but eventful game.

“The in and out pass to Mecole for the win — my wife and I just looked at each other jumping up and down, sorta screaming, but not really screaming,” Angotti said.

In his video on X, Angotti can be seen shotgunning a beer in a partially dark kitchen as he and his wife silently cheer for the Chiefs and try not to wake their sleeping kids — who have already seen a lifetime of victories.

JM Angotti's kids
Angotti's three kids in their Chiefs gear.

“Baby girl has only ever seen Super Bowl championships, this is her second Super Bowl," Angotti said. "The boys have experienced three Super Bowl wins, and a Jayhawk national championship as well."

As a Kansas City native, Angotti is eager for his kids to share in the fun one day and see what it’s like to be surrounded by fellow Chiefs fans in celebration.

“Kansas City is full of camaraderie; everyone supports one another here,” Angotti said.

Jordan VanDeBerghe’s epic proposal 

Jordan VanDeBerghe felt that camaraderie Angotti spoke of firsthand at Harpo’s on Sunday when he proposed to his fiancee, Katrina, right after the winning touchdown in the center of a crowd of Chiefs fans.

“It was pretty great, you know, just being around a bunch of people you didn’t know that were all congratulating you and telling you that they were happy for you,” VanDeBerghe said.

As far as emotions went, VanDeBerghe felt them all.

“I told a few of my friends, they were like, ‘Oh my God, your heart must be racing,' I was like yeah, this isn’t fun,” he said with a smile.

When he proposed to Katrina, he knew the Chiefs had to be involved. They'd talked about him proposing at a game or tailgate before, but those never worked out. The only thing about his Super Bowl proposal: he couldn't do it unless the Chiefs won.

“We both love the Chiefs,” he said. “She probably loves the Chiefs more than I do.”

Jordan and Katrina show off ring
Jordan VanDeBerghe poses with his fiancee Katrina as she shows off her engagement ring.

Just in time for Valentine’s day, they can celebrate two new rings in KC — a Super Bowl ring and an engagement ring.