Family grieves suspect shot by police

Posted at 5:34 PM, Mar 25, 2016
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Two men charged with committing at least 21 armed robberies will face a federal judge Thursday as the family of the third man, who was killed, grieves.

Ahmed Khawaja vividly remembers the two times he was ambushed by armed men at the Phillips 66 on 87th and James A. Reed Road.

“They put the gun to my worker to come inside and told me to open everything,” Khawaja said.

Detectives say the robberies were one of nearly two dozen that were committed by a trio of thieves.

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“They looked like animals; they’re not human beings,” Khawaja said.

Officers who were conducting surveillance on the three men swooped in to arrest them early Thursday morning.

Police say they had just robbed a Walgreens on Highway 7 in Blue Springs. It didn’t end peacefully.

Police said Jermon Seals didn’t obey their commands, and when he pointed his weapon at them, officers said they no choice but to shoot.

“It’s sad but these are the ending results, especially when you come up with the police you know and you’re doing things wrong, we have to stop,” Susan Thompson, Seals’ aunt said.

Thompson added the 22-year man had a rough adolescence but was in the process of turning his life around.

“Those two friends who were with him, they’re not friends, 'cause look: you guys are in jail for life, possibly, and Jermon is gone,” Thompson said.

Seals leaves behind three young children and his aunt says a lesson for parents.

“In today’s society you have to work for it now, you’ve got to make them earn it, you give it to them and when you can no longer give it to them, this is what they turn out and do,” Thompson said.

On Thursday afternoon, a federal judge appointed a public defender to the two other suspects: Shannon Thomas, 25, and Deonte J. Collins-Abbott, 21, of Grandview.

Their next hearing is set for March 29 at 2:45 p.m.


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