Tips for lawn care during the extreme heat

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Not only is Wednesday's heat suffocating for people, but nature can feel the effects too.

Despite the recent rain, some yards are turning brown because of what lies underneath - grass roots need oxygen.

According to lawn expert Toby Tobin, if you seeded last fall or this spring, you have to water every day or every other day.

If you have an established lawn, you have let it go dormant - that's when it turns brown. But make sure to give it a half of inch of water and it will come back this fall.

If you have trees or shrubs, Tobin offers the following advice:

"They're going to start shedding leaves and they're going to drop off green or they will drop off yellow, and that's going to worry people. The tree is readjusting for the conditions now and trees and shrubs are going to be fine. Now if you have newly planted trees five years or less, you're going to have to be watering. Five to 10 years, you're going to be OK," Tobin said.

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Watch Toby Tobin's extended interview in the video below. (On a mobile device and can't see it? Watch it here.)

Toby Tobin extended interview



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