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Tornado shelters can provide peace of mind in the midst of severe weather

Posted at 12:24 PM, Mar 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-03 18:19:10-05

HARRISONVILLE, Mo. — Tornadoes are something never to underestimate.

They can come quickly and damage or kill anything in their paths.

Monday's deadly tornadoes in Nashville have many thinking about what would happen if a large tornado like that hit their home.

That is where a tornado shelter can come into play.

Staying Home Corporation in Harrisonville, Missouri, builds such shelters, from small ones that can go in a corner in your bedroom or garage, to larger ones that can fit up to 150 people.

41 Action News spoke with the president of the company, Mike Vogt, about the investment. He said while it may cost a few thousand dollars, it can end up saving a life.

"They need to invest in taking care of their family. That's my point. And even if they are by themselves, take care of yourself. It's primarily for protection, it's not something you will always need. But, it's something you have got to plan ahead in ahead of storm season," Vogt said.

Vogt recommended that those interested buy a shelter before tornado season starts.

He said it takes a few hours to install and the shelters can withstand tornadoes up to EF-5 force.

Tune into the 41 Action News Spring Weather Special on March 19 to learn more about tornado shelters, and hear from one Lawrence family who survived last year's tornado thanks to a shelter.