University Academy using new technology to stop illness in the classroom

Sick? There's an app for that!
Posted at 4:56 PM, Nov 02, 2016
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University Academy is trying to stop illness in the classroom through technology.

The school was one of 500 schools nationwide selected to be a part of Kinsa’s Fluency program, a health company that uses smart thermometers and an app to track down illnesses.

University Academy nurse Bobbi Leavitt said that out of the thousands of schools who applied, UA was selected.

“It is so exciting, everyone in the school is so excited for it,” University Academy nurse, Bobbi Leavitt said. “The thermometer attaches to your smart phone and with that device on your app, you’re able to track all the illnesses that’s going on with your students. And so if they’re having a runny nose or a headache or chills, you can document that in the app and so you have an accurate record for your child.”

“I think the thermometer is great because I could connect it to my smart phone and it’s available so the nurses can know what’s going on. I think that’s really nice,” Nola Faulkner said.

Faulkner is a kindergarten teacher at University Academy and also a mom. She says this technology tool helps to know what’s going on at home and in her classroom.

“It’s going to come in handy,” she said. “We’re able to look at it on the feed and to know if there’s something going on so I can know what’s going on so I can be aware what’s going on in my classroom, which is very important having kindergartners who really can’t tell and talk their symptoms out.”

A simple and easy way her son, Jason, says can help other students.

“Some people can get healthy and feel better,” he said.

Leavitt says it’ll help stop the spread of sickness before it hits the classroom.

“Not only does it provide every single family with a thermometer so they’re able to check their temperatures at home before they get to school to spread the illness, they also hopefully, able to catch the illnesses before it starts spreading throughout the school,” she said.

The app allows parents to list their child’s symptoms anonymously.

“So no one knows exactly who’s sick, but it will let the school know what illnesses are going around on around the school," she said.

Leavitt says this will help create a healthier school environment and community.



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