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Video shows high winds in moments before boat capsizes near Branson, killing 17

Posted at 12:28 AM, Jul 20, 2018

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Video shows high winds and rocky waters in the moments leading up to a boat crash near Branson, Missouri that claimed at least 17 lives.

Jennie Carr, a passenger on a different boat, was recording as two duck boats attempted to make it to shore on Table Rock Lake. Both boats appear to be rocked hard by waves.


"The wind was 60, 70 mph; I've never seen waves like that on a lake," Carr said. "I think we all wanted to go try and help, but what could you do? You kind of felt helpless. You're just standing there watching." 

Only one boat would make it to shore. The other capsized and sank, killing 17 and injuring seven.

Officials are asking anyone else with video of the incident to contact the Stone County Sheriff's Department to aid in the investigation.