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Village Initiative continues to feed hundreds through their food pantry in Kansas City, Kansas

Food pantry demand
Posted at 8:53 PM, Mar 27, 2024

KANSAS CITY, Kan. — The cost of keeping families fed is rising and for some people it's nearly impossible to keep food on their tables.

Village Initiative in Kansas City, Kansas, makes sure they get food to those in need.

For Willie Sanders, that mission to serve makes his work at Village Initiative more than just packing a bag.

“So not only do we get a chance to serve the community, but we get a chance to serve God in doing that,” Sanders said.

Sanders and volunteers at Village Initiative pack up and hand out meals twice a month to about 300 people.

“People that come through are all ethnicities, all ages," Sanders said. "Our job is just to serve the community. We don't judge, we don't ask questions. All that is required is that a person pull up, walk up or ride a bike up.”

For many, getting in that line twice a month is a necessity, according to Sanders.

“They can come here and they can get something to hold them over," he said. "And that's why we distribute on the weeks that we do. Most people here are receiving a government check or some type of check or something from the government on the first of the month. So we try to do it the second week or the fourth week before they get it in, just to hold them over."

Lucindal Clark drives to the pantry to help others in need.

“Especially for my neighbors, because they can't get out. So I pick it up for them," Clark said. "That's what I try to do is get the food and take it to my people around my building because I know they can't get out if they don't have a car.”

Working with Harvesters to keep people fed, Willie says no matter what, Village Initivate will do what they can to make sure every person that comes to the pantry leaves with food.

“You can come from Missouri, you can come from Johnson County, we don't care where you come from," Sanders said. "If you have a need, we are going to serve you.”