Westport district increases walkability for customers

Posted: 5:59 PM, Oct 29, 2016
Updated: 2016-10-29 19:52:50-04
Local design and planning firm Gould Evans transformed Westport's Mill Street. They temporarily reduced three lanes to two in an effort to make the corridor more pedestrian-friendly. 
Volunteers from Gould Evans, a local design and planning firm, transformed Westport's Mill Street with a little paint and a lot of vision.
Robert Whitman is a Gould Evans landscape architect.
The goal is we're trying to add value to Westport by creating a street that is less car-centric and more accommodating to pedestrians and cyclists that frequent the Westport area," said Whitman.
The transformation moved Mill street's center line and narrowed the two lanes to 10 feet, which left room for more walking space and parallel parking stalls.
"This is a one year temporary project so all the areas that are green could eventually be a nice brick paving or some other type of  enhanced paving with street trees. The thought is that this temporary project could become permanent if everyone feels it is beneficial to the district," said Whitman.
This transformation of Mill Street is temporary. It will be evaluated by the Westport leaders and the city over a 12 month period. If successful, the changes could  be made permanent with the addition of curbs, extended sidewalks and street trees.

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