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#WHODEYNATION makes $9.27 donations to Harvesters, continues to pay it forward

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Posted at 4:31 PM, Feb 05, 2022

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Cincinnati Bengals fans are following the precedent set forth by Chiefs Kingdom. #WHODEYNATION has been donating money to Harvesters, a local food bank in Kansas City, following their win on Sunday to continue paying it forward.

Sarah Biles, Harvesters director of communications, says donations of $9.27 started pouring in on Monday morning in honor of quarterback Joe Burrow's jersey number and Cincy's 27-point victory. The nonprofit has received $8,500 so far and counting.

Biles and her team are grateful that football fans like themselves are joining the fight against hunger across the nation.

“Every dollar adds up and counts and is meaningful for this community,” Biles said. “Hunger relief was a surprise, although when you look back and see that Joe Burrow has a history and a passion for hunger relief, it does make sense."

Every dollar donated can provide three meals, which meansjust shy of about 26,000 meals can be provided from this one act of kindness.

While the Bengals and Chiefs were rivals on the field, a common human experience has brought two fandoms together.

“For people to rally behind that cause, we always like to see that because hunger is an issue that can be solved when people come together and get the food where it’s needed most,” Biles said.

She is proud to work in a community that set the example for the Bengals to follow. Biles says it is a bit of light during a difficult time for many.

“To celebrate the win against the Bills and show some love for that community and in turn for Bengals fans to do that — pay it forward. It is a really fun thing to see, and it would be fun to see that keep moving,” Biles said.

Biles says thousands of people in Kansas City will not have to bear the burden of choosing between having one utility over another because of #WHODEYNATION’s generosity.

“Harvesters thanks you, but importantly the people in Kansas City,” she said.