Woman sells car with IDs and checks allegedly stolen in Clay County

Posted at 9:57 PM, Sep 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-14 23:24:45-04

KANSAS CITY, Mo.— On Thursday prosecutors in Clay County charged a woman who left documents, including checks she allegedly stole, in a car she sold, according to court documents.  

Brianna Noah, 25, is facing a felony charge of trafficking in stolen identities.

"She has put me through hell,” Patrick Nwanguzo, one of her victims said. 

That sentiment Nwanguzo feels began in June when he placed the checks for his monthly bills in his mailbox.

But they never made it to their destination. Police said Noah allegedly snatched them out Nwanguzo's mailbox.
"She has ruined my credit,” Nwanguzo told 41 Action News Thursday.
The bill collectors kept calling him then a call from a stranger in July cleared things up. 

The man on the other line purchased a 2004 Calladic Deville from Noah at Highway 152 and Indiana Avenue.

Inside the car, court records show, the man found a pile of checks, envelopes and other documents the 25-year-old woman left behind. 

That man tracked down Nwanguzo who went to the police.

Detectives alerted three other victims, including Janelle Sykes.  She didn't know her checkbook was missing.
"I didn't really know that they were gone cause I don't use checks they were expired a whole year I only used plastic mainly,” she said. 
Sykes hired Noah and Noah's boyfriend in July to paint her home.

Sykes told 41 Action News the two were left alone when she ran to the store to get more paint.
"I did a lot for her you know what I mean so it just annoyed me more than anything,” Sykes said.

On Thursday evening, 41 Action News went to Noah's listed addresses to get her side of things.

While there was someone home at the address listed in court records, no one came to the door.

But charging documents reveal when investigators confronted that she had to have known that all the IDs and credit cars in the car were stolen, she stated "right, right".
A warrant has been issued for Noah’s arrest.

The charge she faces carries a punishment of at least five years in prison.