Yoder welcomed demonstrators and constituents at his Overland Park office

Posted at 7:21 PM, Nov 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-21 20:21:01-05
Congressman Kevin Yoder welcomed constituents and demonstrators at an open house at his Overland Park office.
What started as a small group of demonstrators at congressman Kevin Yoder's open house, ended with demonstration signs left in the bushes and a longer line of people who wanted to talk to the congressman.
Al Frisby organized the demonstration. He's with Johnson County Move On. A progressive organization that focuses on national issues. He asked Yoder about the electoral college and the future during the constituent open house.
"It's a way to talk to Yoder face-to-face it's most important to do that rather than protest," said Frisby.
Yoder welcomed the close up and personal encounter.
"We want everyone to have their chance to voice their opinions. Certainly our country remains divided on a lot of issues, my hope is we can come together, work together to solve issues. That's been something that's been very difficult whether it's been with President Obama and moving into President Trump," said Yoder.
Yoder had a line wrapped around the building as constituents asked him questions one by one.
A standing room only crowd of different viewpoints that Yoder encourages. 

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