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'Make the most of it': From flash flooding, to extreme heat, Kansas Citians are weather-ready

Roe Park submerged
Posted at 6:12 PM, Jul 02, 2024

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Some parts of Kansas City are still recovering from flash flooding on Monday.

Indian Creek Greenway, near W. 103rd Street and Roe Avenue, swelled after the rain.

Roe Park, near Indian Creek Greenway, was one of many places still submerged Tuesday.

Residents like Kyle Sundblad spent the day watching his son wading in the water.

Kyle Sundblad
Kyle Sundblad

"It's a perfect day to do it," Sundblad said. "Made me think of my childhood, just kind of playing in the rain, sliding down in the rain after the storms."

As if rain wasn't enough, Kansas City is also trying to beat the heat this week.

"We came. We packed a picnic; we packed a lunch." Gardner resident Natalie Nelson said. "We're trying to make the most of it."

Natalie Nelson
Natalie Nelson

Dangerous heat visited the area Tuesday.

Parents like Nelson and her kids came searching for water.

"We try to travel around all the different splash pads, try to find some free activities, and try to stay cool," Nelson said.

The kids know how to weather the weather, too.

"Us and our grandma usually come out and just like play and we come and rate the parks," Grace Conover said.

Grace and Olivia Conover
Grace and Olivia Conover

"We were mostly just playing in the water and stuff like that," Abby Taussig said.

So while some search for water, others escape it, and some are just looking for the heat to end.

"After this, we're gonna get ice cream," Olivia Conover said.