Proposed Johnson County budget includes property tax reduction

Posted: 7:05 PM, Jul 31, 2017
Updated: 2017-08-01 00:05:15Z

Potential good news is on the horizon for Johnson County taxpayers. On Monday, the county commission will present a budget for fiscal year 2018 with cuts to property taxes.

"They really wanted to do something for the citizens, so they went ahead and chose to propose a quarter mil reduction," Johnson County Assistant Budget Director Robin Symes explained.

Currently, residents pay an average of $890 yearly, so that reduction will cut taxes by just $9 or $10.

"That really does help or at least just shows good faith that we're doing whatever we can to help our citizens," Symes added.

The reduction was also an effort to offset a public safety tax implemented in November to pay for a new courthouse and coroner's facility, according to Symes.

The budget for the fiscal year 2018 also includes increased funding for public safety, as well as a request for new electronic voting machines.

In addition, the budget includes a Capitol Improvement Program totaling more than $159 million, including:

  • $77.4 million for wastewater projects
  • $15 million for the Stormwater Management Program
  • $14.9 million for the County Assistance Road System
  • $14.8 million for Park and Recreation projects

Commissioners are expected to adopt the budget on August 10. It must be filed with the county clerk by August 25.