KCK police chief praises law enforcement, media & public for helping to bring little girl home

Posted: 6:08 PM, Jul 13, 2017
Updated: 2017-07-13 19:51:41-04

Police are closing in on the woman who they say stole a car from a gas station with a little girl in the back seat.

Police have identified the female suspect and are looking for her. The man police say helped her was questioned Thursday. 

The police chief in KCK is praising the teamwork that took place to bring the young girl home.  

The crime took place in the middle of the Wednesday evening rush at the Valero gas station on North 7th Trafficway near Riverview Avenue.

KCK police quickly turned to the press and social media for the public’s help. 

“When you post video of folks, of suspects, and pictures of the little girl, man that stirs people to action,” KCKPD Chief Terry Zeigler told 41 Action News.

Meanwhile the ball was already rolling for an AMBER Alert. 

“We had sent the information to KBI and we got the notification back or the validation back from KBI, but before they could put it out the news helicopter found it and found the car for us and found the little girl,” Zeigler said.

It was Captain Gregg Bourdon and photographer James Moore in 41 Action News’ Skytracker that spotted the car from 2,000 feet in the air. 

“That is amazing work on your guys’ part and we appreciate it. We had asked for air support, but air support was another 30 minutes out,” Zeigler said.

With one of the alleged criminals in custody and the other one on the loose, police want people in the community to learn a lesson from this.

“This is a perfect example of bad things happen even though you think it’s broad daylight. You know there’s people around, ‘It’s only going to take me a minute.’ You can’t think like that. You’ve got to take your child out of the car and take them inside with you,” Zeigler said.

The Wyandotte County District Attorney is working to file charges against the 28-year-old man who allegedly helped the female suspect.