UPDATE: Olathe CC approves new subdivision

Posted at 5:21 PM, Jan 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-05 23:26:01-05

UPDATE 8:00 p.m.|  The Olathe city council voted unanimously to approve a residential development at 143rd Street and Pflumm.

The vote passed the council 7-0. 


The city of Olathe is considering rezoning a plot of land in order to build new homes, but some current nearby residents don't like the idea.

The city council votes Tuesday night to decide whether to approve 'The Willows' to be built near 143rd and Pflumm.  

It would consist of approximately 210 homes spanning 119 acres.

According to nearby homeowner Joe McMillian, the current infrastructure isn't ready.

"That would increase runoff by 22 percent into an area that's already prone to flooding," said McMillian.

McMillian is part of a group of homeowners calling themselves the '143rd Corridor Homeowners Group.'

They all belong to neighborhoods surrounding the proposed project and they also all oppose The Willows project.

The city of Olathe say it's a complex issue that dates back to 1995, but that the current proposed plan is the best way to use the property.

Because of its proximity to the airport, both the city and the county must approve any use of the land.

The Willows plan marks the first time both have come to an agreement.

"It’s the less dense residential option that still complies with the county's airport land use," said city spokesperson Erin Vader.

Vader also said there are areas prone to flooding but that they don't pertain to this development.

"In terms of the storm water, this developer has met all the conditions the city has put in place. So they've addressed one, ten and one hundred year storm issues with on site drain basins and then also some improvements along Pflumm with storm sewers," said Vader.

McMillian and his group also worry about increased traffic without building the proper roads to handle it, he says the new housing edition will add 1,400 cars a day to the area.


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