Wyandotte County Sheriff's Office hiring deputies for detention center

Posted at 5:24 PM, Aug 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-10 19:56:33-04

There is a massive recruiting process underway for more sheriff’s deputies at the Wyandotte County Detention Center before they reach a critical need.

The sheriff's office is budgeted to staff 109 deputies at the jail, but right now they only have 87. They're actively hiring.

"We're trying to be preventative and get the word out that we are in dire need of people so that we can keep it safe," Captain David Thaxton with the Wyandotte County Sheriff's Office said. 

It's ideal to have two deputies monitoring in the control center but most shifts get by with one.

The needed staffing would help alleviate congestion at the booking station on weekends.

"If we have the extra rovers then we can call them down, assist, and move them thru the facility a little bit better and work faster. Safety is in numbers," Thaxton said. 

Deputy Louis Goins joined the force a year and a half ago.

"I would often tell people, 'follow your dreams, follow your dreams,' until it clicked in my own head, 'I'm going to go and follow my own dreams,'" Goins said. 

The former social worker and coach said the written and agility tests weren't tough and encouraged the community to apply.  

"People get a good feeling around law enforcement despite what you hear. I see nothing but the positives. I would encourage those to come in --- to qualify, fill out the paperwork, be patient," Goins said.

There is an August 30 deadline that applicants have to meet in order to be considered for the November hiring date.

For more information visit or call Captain David Thaxton at (913) 573-8435.