Earn some extra cash harvesting black walnuts

Better hurry! Season ends November 6th

KANSAS CITY, Mo.  – Looking to make a few extra dollars ahead of the holiday season? Harvesting black walnuts might be your answer. But you better hurry, there’s only one more week in the harvest season. 

Each October, Midwestern families partake in the tradition of combing wooded areas for the small treasure. Missouri is a leader in black walnut production. Though a portion of the crop is grown in orchards, black walnuts can be found locally in your own backyard. 

Black walnuts can be sold to Hammons Products Company out of Stockton, Mo. Since 1946, the company has specialized in using black walnuts in all sorts of products, from raw shelled nuts to using the husks in soaps and cosmetics.

Hammons Selling Stations can be found at over 235 locations across 14 states, with eight in the surrounding Kansas City area. 

Right now, Hammons Product Company is giving $15 per every 100lbs. 

The 2017 harvest ends Nov. 6 and so far, roughly 20 million pounds of black walnuts have been collected. Hammons Products Company hopes to buy 25-30 million pounds this year. 

For information on how to get involved in the harvest, visit the Hammons Products Company website to learn more and to find a hulling station near you.

Hoping to join in on the hunt but not sure what to look for? The Missouri Department of Conservation has a description on what to look for on their website

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