Special House Committee alleges shell companies used during Greitens campaign

Committee alleges Greitens used shell companies
Posted at 12:10 PM, May 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-15 17:22:16-04

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Special House Committee says it has evidence shell companies were created during Missouri Governor Eric Greitens’s campaign to hide donor identities. 

The House committee obtained emails from 2016 between a former campaign staff member and Greitens' current policy director. One of the emails contained a document titled "Greitens Hides Donors." 

The document said in December 2015 two attorneys filed articles of incorporation for two new limited liability companies, named “White Impala LLC” and “ELX83 LLC.” Neither filing disclosed any LLC members or the identities of anyone involved in the LLCs. 

In the filings, the LLCs’ listed addresses were those of the filing attorneys’ offices. 

According to the document, internet searches didn’t reveal any information about the LLCs. 41 Action News also searched online and didn’t find any information. 

The email also said on December 29, 2015, Greitens’s gubernatorial campaign disclosed a $20,000 contribution from ELX83. On April 1, Greitens’s campaign disclosed $10,000 contribution from ELX83. 

The same day, Greitens disclosed a $10,000 contribution from White Impala. 

41 Action News confirmed the contribution amounts on the Missouri Ethics Commission’s website. We also found on September 9, 2016, Greitens for Missouri disclosed a $10,000 contribution from ELX83, and on October 14, 2016, Greitens’s campaign disclosed a $10,000 contribution from White Impala LLC. 

The document claimed, “by all appearances, these two entities were created to channel contributions to the Greitens campaign from an anonymous donor or donors.” 

Legal counsel for Greitens said they are willing to cooperate with the Special House Committee investigation. 

On Monday, the criminal case against Greitens was dismissed. He had been charged with invasion of privacy over accusations he took a nude photo of a woman he admitted to having an affair with.

Greitens still faces a felony charge of computer data tampering. He's accused of using a donor list from a charity he founded, The Mission Continues, for political gain.