Chiefs DT Chris Jones eyeing 1st playoff sack

'Sack Nation' tied career-high regular-season sacks at 15.5
Posted at 5:21 PM, Jan 19, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-19 18:21:09-05

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones is on a mission to pick up his first NFL playoff sack this weekend against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Jones tied his career high of 15.5 sacks this regular season, matching his effort back in 2018.

He jokingly told the media Thursday he plans to get a sack this Saturday to silence the storyline.

“Unfortunately, I have played in 10, 11 playoff games and no sacks. It's not a huge priority, but I'm gonna be sure I get one this go around just to shut you guys up," Jones said playfully.

"Sack Nation" might not necessarily get the "sack" part of his nickname during the postseason, but there's no denying the headline is back at the forefront after last January's AFC Championship Game loss.

Jones missed two opportunities to sack Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow, something he was open about earlier this year.

“A lot of plays I left on the field that I think could’ve sealed the game and put us in a better position to win," Jones reflected.

One of those missed opportunities, a pivotal one on 3rd and 7, led to Cincinnati's comeback and eventual win.

If the Bengals beat the Bills this Sunday, Cincinnati will meet the Chiefs once again in the AFC Championship Game.

Heading into an AFC Divisional home game this Saturday against the Jaguars, Jones has his eyes set on Jacksonville's Trevor Lawrence. The Jaguars quarterback has been sacked 29 times this season, including twice during last week's win over the Los Angeles Chargers in the Wild Card round.

This will be Jones' 13th NFL playoff game, with a trip to the AFC Championship Game on the line, another potential chance to 'right the wrong.'