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Driving mobile DJ truck, KCMO man will perform at Chiefs tailgate for 2nd season in a row

Jody Rhew
Posted at 4:49 PM, Sep 06, 2023

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While thousands of fans are tailgating, local DJ Jody Rhew will be getting them hype for the big game.

Years ago, Rhew was still investing in his brand so people would remember his name.

"You have to start from the bottom," Rhew said. "There was games I'd do making $50 a day and I've had the car repossessed before — younger Jody did."

A younger Rhew never imagined that his dream of entertaining would land him at GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium with his mobile truck "Black Diamond" two seasons in a row for the Chiefs.

Jody Rhew
Jody Rhew's mobile DJ truck "Black Diamond".

"I started when I was 19 and I'm 39," Rhew said. "It took 20 years".

It took 20 years just to get that one phone call from Bud Light that took his career 360.

"It might not sound real, but I swear on my 38th birthday, I blew the candles out and in my head I wished I could land a big sponsor for this truck and get a big deal," be said. "The next day I had a meeting with Bud Light."

He clearly has some success with speaking dreams into reality.

"I say [in his song] 'We comin' for the ring, Mahomes and Andy Reid,' and then we won the Super Bowl," he said.

Jody Rhew
Jody Rhew gives KSHB 41 an exclusive look at his set-up before the Chiefs home opener at Arrowhead Stadium.

For Rhew, there's no stadium or dream "too big."

"Beyond grateful is my expression for it," he said. "Without God giving me the opportunity, as quick as good things happen they can be taken away."

Nothing can take away from DJ Jody, being Jody.

Jody Rhew
Jody Rhew's tattoo of Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

"I'm never gonna retire. I'm gonna be 86 Jody still gettin' it in the Chiefs parking lot for every home game," he said.

You can find Rhew every home game performing in Lot M between the Chiefs and Royals stadiums.