Rockhurst Senior named Athlete of the Week

Posted at 11:19 PM, Sep 24, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-25 00:19:57-04

On a Friday night, you may look up and find Rockhurst senior A.J. Taylor anywhere on the football field.

"He does it all with fluidness and he makes it look so easy." Said Hawkletts head coach Tony Serverino. " I think the thing that not too many people understand is he's a 16 year old senior, so he's got nothing but growth and maturity to come."

After a phenomenal junior season where he racked up almost 1,500 all-purpose yards, it seems every major college in the country had their eyes on this budding superstar who seems to have found a home with the Wisconsin Badgers.

"The University of Wisconsin had everything we were looking for," said Taylor.  "When we were going through the whole recruiting process, they made a lot of things easy for me in making my decision.  They've got a great football team and a strong academic program up there."

Taylor can play anywhere on the field, and while the immediate goal is for him to catch touchdown passes, he doesn't mind trying to stop the opposition from scoring them either.

"Wisconsin's recruiting me as a receiver so they wil start me at a slot receiver position to run down the field and catch the ball, but if I can end up turning into the same kind of player I am here there, I'd be perfectly fine with it."


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