Weather Blog: Blame the Next Blast of Cold on "Cross Polar Flow"

Posted: 8:00 AM, Nov 09, 2019
Updated: 2019-11-09 09:01:22-05

Good Saturday bloggers,

The weather will be just fantastic today, so enjoy the moment. We are tracking a potent blast of cold air. We are hesitant to call it an Arctic blast as those really occur during the winter, but it is rather close. So, in this case, calling it an Arctic blast is really a bit too much when we will drop to just about as cold as it got yesterday morning, in the teens. True Arctic air will drop us into the single digits or lower.

The main reason for this next blast of cold is "Cross Polar Flow." The image shows the upper level flow for Saturday. You can see the northern branch of the jest stream makes a complete loop around the North Pole. So, the Arctic air, in the Arctic gets delivered to both sides of the North Pole, North America and Asia. We see this pattern relaxing after this cold blast, so after Tuesday temperatures will be more moderate for a week to ten days.

Cooler Sunday:

The cold front will arrive Sunday, but the cold blast will arrive a few hours later, so we will see Sunday still warming up into the 45°-55°, and then the main blast arrives later in the afternoon.

Any Snow?

Now, will we see any snow? If we see snow it will be Monday morning. Right now it looks like flurries and possibly a period of very light snow. This would not cause any road issues. It would not take much to cause a problem, so we will watch it closely.

The new data arrives later this morning. Watch 41 Action News, and we will keep you updated. In the mean time, enjoy this spectacular day! In the sun, it will likely warm into the 70s, while the actual high temperatures top out in the mid to upper 60s. Get out there for a walk, clean up some leaves, or just enjoy the day