Some heat is building in with low rain chances

and last updated 2021-06-08 22:12:25-04


  • The rain chances go down to near zero after sunset tonight
  • We do see one chance of rain around Friday. A complex of thunderstorms may head our way from the north
  • The humidity will be high, and then go down a bit this weekend


Tonight: An isolated evening thunderstorm is possible. And, then by sunset it will be dry in all locations. Wind: S-SE 5 mph. Low: 69°

Wednesday: Even warmer with mostly sunny skies and high humidity. Drink plenty of water & wear light, loose-fitted clothing! Wind: Calm to S-SE 5 mph. High: 90° Heat Index: 93-95°

Thursday: A hot day is ahead with sunshine and heat-index values in the upper 90s. Stay hydrated and avoid exercising during the peak heating time of the day. Wind: S-SE 5-10 mph. Low: 73° High: 92° Heat Index: 97-99°

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