Weather Blog: More rain in the forecast after one of wettest Julys in history

Posted at 6:36 AM, Jul 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-30 12:15:38-04

Good morning bloggers,

I am on my way to Lake Tahoe this morning. The second part of this wet storm system is approaching and will pass by today and shift south tonight and Friday. Wow, what an interesting day it was on Wednesday. There were two tornado warnings, a lowering, or possible wall cloud with weak rotation, and a scud cloud that went down to the ground. In my analysis it looked like a 20 mph wind on the ground, so that would not be a tornado. It certainly was interesting northeast of KC for a little while with that feature. And, then in the evening rain and thunderstorms become wide spread. Rainfall amounts still varied widely. 2 to 3 inch amounts were rather wide spread, including over 2 inches on the Plaza at KSHB- TV. Here are the rainfall totals:

Today's Weather: The second part of this summer storm will track across the plains today. There is a tremendous amount of low level moisture available for thunderstorms and rain today, so we will likely be adding to these higher July rainfall totals. Here is one forecast map showing scattered showers and thunderstorms later today:

There is also a tropical storm developing over the outer Islands:

This is directly related to a part of the LRC that formed a tropical storm last fall, Melissa. This has been our forecast to develop and track just east of the east coast from July 25 to August 1, so this is right on schedule, another LRC forecast from last fall to happen 10 months later. It may come close to the Florida and southeast coasts, but the conditions are seemingly unfavorable for it to intensify significantly at the moment. Go to to learn more about the difference in meteorology!

I would like to thank Kansas City for voting me the best Meteorologist and TV personality. I am most proud of Sunny The Weather Dog, as she just received her first award for being the Best TV Dog! Congratulations to Sunny. Here is a picture of us with Rainbow. Have a great day!

Have a great day. Our weather team at 41 Action News will keep you updated on any rain and thunderstorm development. This cool late July and early August pattern will continue. I am expecting one big warm up in August!