Weather Blog: A Different Kind of Rain Producing Weather Pattern

Posted at 10:11 AM, May 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-23 11:14:55-04

Good Sunday bloggers,

We are likely on our way to 9 days in a row with measurable rain. The record is 10. It takes 0.01" of rain at KCI airport to make it official.

This rainfall streak has been caused by a persistent tropical flow from the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico which you can see on the map below, valid at 3 PM today. This pattern will breakdown Monday, followed by a different kind of rain producing weather pattern. This different weather pattern could lead to a few totally dry days and heavier rain. You can see an example of this different weather pattern in the map below valid at midnight Wednesday night.

Here is a map for 3 PM today, you can see the persistent tropical flow from the Gulf of Mexico to Kansas City. Notice the swirl around Nashville. Those are cumulus clouds rotating clockwise around an upper level high, also called an anticyclone which is the opposite of a storm.


Here is a map valid midnight Wednesday night. You can see the huge cluster of thunderstorms in Nebraska. We will be looking west instead of south for our chances of rain and thunderstorms during the coming week.

We go day by day through Memorial Day weekend in the 7 minute video below.


Before we get to the video, listen up.

If you missed our "School Day at the K" special that aired on KSHB Saturday at 6:30 PM, it will be re-aired on our sister station 38 The Spot tonight at 6 PM. It turned out quite well and we had all kinds of fun out at the "K."


Have a great week ahead, stay healthy.