Weather Blog: Trick Or Treat Outlook

Posted: 7:45 AM, Oct 26, 2019
Updated: 2019-10-26 09:08:18-04
Trick or treat.png

A strong storm will begin forming early next week and it has our attention. There are two other storm systems we are tracking. The first storm is moving across Missouri today, and it is missing Kansas City. This is leaving us with a sunny start to the day as the edge of the clouds is east of KC. This means it will warm will up into the 50s today.

The second storm will approach our area Sunday night into Monday. Clouds will be on the increase as tailgating gets started for the Chiefs/Packers game Sunday night. There is even a chance of a misty drizzle with the winds shifting around to the northwest Sunday night.

The third storm is likely going to be the strongest one. This storm doesn't even exist yet, and it is just energy north of Alaska right now. This stronger storm will likely produce some significant snow over parts of the plains Wednesday or Thursday, which may impact Trick or Treating Thursday evening. Right now, it appears KC is on the southern edge of this snow possibility. For now, let's just say there is a good chance we will see our first snowflakes of the season later next week, but the chance of any accumulation is still suspect. We will learn more about the track of the storm in a couple of days.

For Saturday and Sunday, we are expecting a pretty good weekend. It may even get close to 60° both days. The changes begin Sunday evening as the Chiefs take on the Green Bay Packers at Arrowhead. There will likely be a wind chill factor during the game with a pretty good northwest breeze. Go Chiefs!