Weather Blog: 50 degrees Warmer and chance of a Winter Storm

Posted at 8:32 AM, Dec 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-26 09:32:27-05

Good Saturday bloggers,

I hope your Christmas was merry. The low on Christmas morning was 6° and today we will be 50 degrees warmer as highs climb to around 56°. Today started with a super Saturday sunrise as cirrus clouds raced by along with a view of Venus. The pretty sunrises are nice, but we need precipitation as it has been quite dry. We have seen just .06" during the last 30 days.

Let's go day by day through the rest of 2020 as we search for precipitation.

SATURDAY: A warm front will set up just north of I-70. This means highs will reach 55-60 along and south of I-70 to the 40s across northern Missouri. It will be a mostly sunny and dry day with a South-Southeast wind 10-15 mph.

SUNDAY: A cold front will come through around noon with some clouds, but no precipitation. The high will climb to around 50 by noon which is the Chiefs kickoff. During the game temperatures will drop to the 40s as winds pick up from the northwest to 10-20 mph. Snow will fall across Wisconsin and Minnesota with a few rain showers possible across eastern Missouri as we stay dry.

MONDAY: It will be much colder but dry again. Lows will be in the teens with highs in the 30s. This cold air sets up the story for Tuesday and Wednesday.

TUESDAY MORNING: A storm system will be approaching from the west as warmer air surges north. Precipitation will form between 1 AM and 9 AM as the 32 degree line heads north.

On this data, the 32° line is near I-70 as precipitation gets going. This means the best chance of slick roads would be north of KC Tuesday morning. We will have to watch this closely as the precipitation could form faster and/or the 32° line could head north slower. If one or both of these situations occur, we could see a period of slick roads Tuesday morning.

TUESDAY AFTERNOON/NIGHT: The 32° line will surge to north of I-80. We will likely see some drizzle and a few rain showers during the afternoon as temperatures rise to 35-45. A band of rain and a few thunderstorms will likely move by during the evening.

In this scenario we do not get much precipitation as the round in the morning is brief and the round in the evening is just one fast-moving line.

WEDNESDAY: The storm moves east as colder air moves back in. The rain band will expand as it moves east, possibly changing to snow on the western edge. This would occur well east of our region. We would see clouds with a slight chance of rain to snow early Wednesday. Temperatures would be mostly 30-35 all day.

NEW YEARS EVE/DAY: The storm does what so many have done this season. It becomes more organized in the eastern USA, becoming yet another Nor'Easter. It looks dry with lows 15-20 and highs 30-35 around here.

RAINFALL, MELTED SNOW/ICE FORECAST NEXT 7 DAYS: The heaviest is located from eastern Texas to southern Illinois and along the east coast where 1" to 3" is possible.

Not only is our region in the lower amounts, .25" to .75" liquid. But, our viewing area is in the low end of the lower amounts, around .25". We have a moderate drought in the area and this will do nothing to stop it from increasing. Most of the precipitation around here would be in the form of rain. It does not look like much snow, unless the storm organizes faster and we see snow Wednesday.

Could this storm bring more precipitation? Could it be more organized as it moves by? The answer is yes to both questions, but we know how the storm systems have been acting this season. It is not set yet as there are a few computer models showing much more precipitation. Let's see how this look on Sunday.

Have a great rest of your weekend and stay healthy.