Weather Blog: 50° warm-up in 48 hours, tracking 2 storm systems

Posted at 7:24 AM, Dec 29, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-29 10:08:08-05

Good Thursday bloggers,

We've had quite a warm-up since Tuesday morning. It was 8° at 12:36 a.m. Tuesday followed by more than a degree per hour warm-up for 48 hours. It reached 60° at 12:53 a.m. Thursday.

How big of a warm-up is this? It is such a big warm-up the roads were sweating.

The roads were soaking wet, not from rain but from warm and humid air surging in over the much colder streets. This caused condensation.

The same thing happens if you take a cold can of soda or a cold glass of water outside on a hot summer day. Water will form on the outside of the can/glass as the hot and humid summer air cools near the surface of the can/glass.

Since colder air holds less water, the water has to go somewhere when the air cools. So, water droplets form on the surface of the can/glass.


Now, we are tracking two storm systems through early next week. There are actually three to four storm systems, but two will have an impact on our area.

Let's go through this.


A storm system will track northeast from western Kansas to Minnesota. It will produce rain and snow from eastern Colorado to northwest Kansas through Nebraska into Minnesota.

If you are headed west to Denver today and tonight, the roads may get slick in northwest Kansas west into Colorado.

We will be on the warm side of the storm. This means our winds will increase to 20-40 mph from the southwest, taking our temperature to the low and mid-60s.

The record is 68°, set in 1947. Temperatures may reach 70° in central and eastern Missouri.


The cold front with the storm system will be on our doorstep. It will still be in the mid-60s and windy.

The front is not that strong as you can see 30s and 40s behind this front. The rain and snow will continue from northwest Kansas to Minnesota.

We do not expect any rain with the front as the storm races off to the northeast.


We will come close to the record high of 68°. It could easily reach 68° today — we will be watching it.


The cold front will be exiting southeast Missouri, extending north into Michigan. We will see lows of 30°-35°, which is 10 degrees above the average low of 21°.

The wind will drop to 5-10 mph from the west after the front moves through.


It will be a nice second to last day of 2022. We will see highs in the 40s with an east-to-southeast breeze at 5-15 mph.

Rain and thunderstorms will be found from Louisiana to Ohio.


It will be a nice last day of 2022 as we will see highs around 50° under a partly to mostly cloudy sky. The wind will be south to southeast at 5-15 mph.


Temperatures will be in the 40s with a very light wind as we ring in 2023!

Please DO NOT TEXT/DRINK and drive. A DRUNK/TEXTING while driving warning is in effect.


It will be an excellent first day of 2023. Highs will be 50°-55° with a light east breeze at 5-15 mph under a partly cloudy sky.

The weather for the Chiefs-Broncos game will be much, much better than the weather was for the Chiefs-Seahawks game on Christmas Eve.


It has the potential to be a stormy second day of 2022 as we track a strong storm system tracking from the southwest U.S. to the upper Midwest.

We will be on the warm side of the storm, making another run at 60°.

Rain and thunderstorms will be forming along and east of Interstate 35. This puts our area on the western edge of the rain.

If it can form 50-100 miles farther west, we could see 1" of rain. Otherwise, we will see a trace up to .50".


Regardless of where the rain and thunderstorms initiate, they will intensify as they race east. Some severe thunderstorms are possible along and east of the Mississippi river, possibly as far west as central Missouri to Arkansas.


Have a great rest of your week.
Stay healthy.