Weather Blog - A 1-2 Winter Punch With Snow, Then A Blast Of Cold Tonight

Posted at 7:39 AM, Feb 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-12 11:11:42-05

Good morning bloggers,

Snow was spreading over the entire KC metro area as I was writing this blog entry this morning. The temperatures will be critical today. If it stays near 32°, and it may due to this huge area of snow moving in, as it will trap the colder air in here, then there will be slightly higher amounts of snow. This is a large area moving into the KC metro area during the morning rush hour:

This large area of snow extends from northern Oklahoma all the way to KC. If it isn't snowing already in your area, it will be soon. We are predicting 2" to 3" over the city, and again these amounts may be a bit higher or a bit lower depending on that critical temperature. Here is our snowfall forecast map:

There is another big problem developing today: An Arctic Blast! By this evening, a blast of very cold air will be on our door step. An Arctic front will move through by mid-evening and temperatures will crash to way below freezing. There will likely be a lot of standing water from melting snow, and this will freeze fast, or what we call a "flash freeze". This flash freezing will encase any snow that fell into a crusty/icy snow and the roads may become quite slick and hazardous. Temperatures will drop to near 3° or maybe even 0° by morning. Here is the cold front forecast position by later this evening:

We will be tracking these developments for you on, 41 Action News, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets. Follow me on Twitter, @glezak, and I will be updating Twitter often. The snow is moving in. Let us know what you are experiencing. I am taking the dogs out to see their first snowflakes, as they love it. Have a great day!