Weather Blog: A Cold Front is Showing Up, Latest on Delta

Posted at 9:36 AM, Oct 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-08 10:36:18-04

Good Thursday bloggers,

The low was 35 on October 2nd and 38 on the 4th. The high on the 7th, yesterday, was 90. So my son said something profound. "When it is hot I wish it were cold and when it is cold I wish it were hot."

A cold front arrives Monday that may make my son happy as it will make it feel more like fall instead of summer or winter.

TODAY: It will be a bit cooler today as we have a more southeast wind. It will still be 15 degrees above the average high of 70.

FRIDAY: Highs will be around 85, perhaps 1-2 degrees warmer as south winds return along with continued abundant sunshine.

SATURDAY: Highs will be around 85, perhaps 1-2 degrees warmer as we will have sinking air around the periphery of Delta. The remnants will be in southern Arkansas. Sinking air causes clouds to dissipate and the air to warm. Little Rock will be in the 60s due to clouds and rain.

SUNDAY: Highs will be 85-90 along with continued abundant sunshine. A fall cold front will be racing towards us from the northwest. Highs will be in the 50s behind it, but it will lose some of it's punch by the time it gets here.

MONDAY: The front will race through taking our highs to more October like levels. Highs will be 70-75 with a period of clouds along the front. Unfortunately, we do not see any rain. If this holds, it may be 10 more days before we see any meaningful rain.

HURRICANE DELTA UPDATE: As of Thursday morning it was a category 2 with 100 mph winds. An eye is starting to show up which means it is intensifying. So, it will likely be a category 3 today. It will make landfall in Louisiana Friday as a category 2 or 3. The water near the coast is in the upper 70s, and this may weaken the system just before it goes inland.

RAINFALL FORECAST THE NEXT 7 DAYS: We will miss the rain from Delta and the Monday front will bring most of it's rain north of I-80. We may see a brief shower. So, we stay mostly dry the next 7-10 days. There is a slight chance we see more rain with the front and the pattern could change days 7-10 to allow for some rain.

Have a great weekend and stay healthy.