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Weather Blog: A Cool April Week

Posted at 8:05 AM, Apr 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-11 11:22:32-04

Good Sunday bloggers,

Today will be a "weather 180" from Saturday as we will have 100% sunshine, a light wind and highs 70-75. Now, even on a day like this, the forecast can be tough without a cloud in the sky. Let me explain.

This is a map of the high temperature forecast today. You can see colder air in the Great Lakes from the storm we had yesterday and new colder air in the northern Rockies. We are in a warm wedge in between the two colder airmasses.


Now, let's zoom in to our region and take a closer look. Highs today will range from the low 60s northeast of KC to near 80 southwest. A small surface low will be tracking southeast across the area along and ahead of a cold front. The cooler air will reside northeast of the surface low with the warmer air southwest. It looks like the KC area will make it in the to warmer air. You can see if the low track shifts 20-50 miles in either direction, your high temperature will be different than what we are showing below. The bottom line...It will be nice everywhere with a variety of temperatures.


The cold front will move south and so on Monday with a few more clouds we will see more uniform temperatures across the area with highs 60-65. The wind will be NW at 10-25 mph, still a nice day.


These will be nice days under a partly cloudy sky. Highs will be in the 50s to low 60s
with lows in the 30s to low 40s. Some frost will be possible. The wind will be mostly N-NW 10-15 mph.


This will be a another nice, but cool April day with highs 55-60. Our next system will be approaching from the west. Look at the snow across western Nebraska. Also, notice the north winds. This will be the primary wind direction through the week allowing colder air from Canada to drift farther and farther south.


The storm in the western Plains will move east. This is our next chance of rain. If we get rain with the north winds, highs on these days may get stuck in the 40s. This does not look like a big storm, but could lead to a cold rain. The north winds extend all the way to northern Canada. So, this colder than average period may last 10 days.


The average high rises from 64 to 66 the next 7 days. After today, we will be running 5-10 degrees below average. Friday and Saturday could end up seeing highs in the 40s if more rain occurs.


Where do we stand on rain as it sure seems like we have seen quite a bit? If you think we have seen quite a bit of rain, you are correct.

The first 5 days of April were dry, the most recent 5 days have been wet. We have, officially seen 2.45" of rain at KCI which is almost 1.50" above average for where we should be on April 11th. It is just 1.28" away from the entire month average of 3.73". So, we are likely to see another wetter than average month. Only February has been drier than average in 2021.


2021, in KC, has seen 9.01" of rain which is 3.09" above average. At this moment we are sitting at the 14th wettest year since records began 133 years ago. These next few dry days will be good to have, letting the water in the creeks and streams to settle back down.


Rain is usually a good thing, and you know the saying..."April showers bring May flowers." If you are an allergy sufferer, that saying may mean something different.

The tree pollen is getting out of control with Oak, Maple and Poplar being the main allergens. Ash is getting up there as well. The tree pollen will be out of control for awhile with the grass and weed pollen not far behind.

My son is allergic to Ash and some Oak pollen. Saturday, was a tough day for him even with the rain. His allergies start around now and last 2-3 weeks. Hoping, it will end sooner, but it never does.


Have a great week and stay healthy.