Weather Blog - A hot weekend & the track of Tropical Storm Cristobal

Posted at 5:00 PM, Jun 05, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-05 18:08:06-04

Good evening bloggers,

It's Friday Night In The Big Town! Before I get started on the blog entry, I would like to share this link of a reading of my book "It's A Sunny Life". I was asked by "Reach Out And Read KC" to do a reading of my book. Here it is: Gary Lezak Reading The Book "It's A Sunny Life"

It will be sizzling hot this weekend with high humidity. I am predicting it to get in the range of 91° to 95° on Saturday. With the high humidity it will likely affect the body as if it is 102°, which is our forecast Heat Index. So, plan on having plenty of non alcoholic beverages, with water the prefered drink to help hydrate your body.


Tropical Storm Cristobal will be strengthening over the Gulf of Mexico. For a tropical storm to intensify into a hurricane, water temperatures are of high importance. If the water temperature is below 80 degrees, the tropical storm will struggle. By July and August the temperatures warm into the 80s, but in early June we are still seeing a large area of 75° to 80° water temperatures, and this likely means Cristobal will stay below hurricane strength. It will intensify a bit, however, and then make a move towards KC.


As you can see above, the track is forecast to track into Missouri. It would need to go a little left of this track for KC to have significant rain. Right now the target is southern, central, and eastern Missouri. But, the track is not certain yet, and it may wobble left or right.


This track would bring inches of rain to a large part of the Show Me state, and leave KC with just clouds and sprinkles. I am going to go with a 60% chance of rain at the moment. If there is a left wobble to this track, then the heavy rain will make it to KC, and if it is a right wobble, then the chance of rain goes down.

Something else is also going on in the overall pattern that may still bring us a chance of rain and thunderstorms Tuesday even without the tropical storm. So, we will narrow in on this forecast over the weekend.

Thank you for spending a few minutes reading the blog. I hope you enjoy my reading of the book, and have a great start to your weekend.