Weather Blog - A huge weekend warm up

Posted at 2:05 PM, Nov 07, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-07 15:05:03-05

Good afternoon bloggers,

We are on a roller coaster ride of temperatures, and we are on our way back up to the top. The top of this ride is perfectly timed for Saturday as temperatures will likely warm into the 60s.

There is a strong cold front showing up for early next week, and it will likely move through Sunday afternoon. Sunday is going to be somewhat like the way the weather worked out on Wednesday. We are expecting a rather nice day, but then the wind will begin increasing from the north with temperatures falling by later in the day.

Snow chances on Monday?

There is a slight chance of snow on Monday. This is something we will be monitoring closely, and the temperatures will be cold enough for snow. The question is will anything actually fall out of the sky. The latest data trended away from anything significant and perhaps we will see just a few snow flurries. A snow flurry is one where snowflakes will fall, and it may get your attention, but it won't ever amount to anything. Sometimes we have what are called "snow showers". These are heavier than flurries and can actually accumulate in just a few minutes if it is cold enough.

How cold will it get early in the week?

The cold blast that will arrive Monday may drop temperatures down to below 15 degrees by Tuesday morning. We have been forecasting close to 10 degrees. The good news, is that the roller coaster ride will continue and we are anticipating another warm up later next week.

Have a great day! Watch 41 Action News for KC's most accurate forecast, and we will go in-depth tonight!