Weather Blog: A November Weather Reality Check

Posted at 12:30 PM, Nov 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-09 13:35:15-05

Good Monday bloggers,

It is not unusual to see highs in the 70s during November, but to see that several days in a row is. Now, our 70s streak comes to an end Tuesday.

Can you find the cold front? This is a map from noon Monday. Wow!


Rain and a few thunderstorms will be possible along and behind the front as this is the first of 3-4 systems to track the next 15 days. These systems will be coming in off of the Pacific Ocean and look what the potential rainfall is the next 10 days in some drought stricken areas of the western USA.

This would be great news! The 9" of rain is in the mountains and some of that is snow. Now, due to the fires the ground is loose. And, too much of a good thing may cause mudslides. Still, the rain is more than needed. Hopefully, this pans out. It looks like it will.


Here is a look at the weather timeline:
We look at the rainfall timing and amounts in more detail in the video below. We also take a look at the never ending tropical system named "Eta." We also answer the question...Could we see any "black ice" after the rain ends, due to the cold air rushing in?


Have a great week and stay healthy.