Weather Blog: A Terrible last 24 Hours, Odd December Weather Next week

Posted at 9:18 AM, Dec 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-11 10:18:57-05

Good Saturday bloggers,

What a horrible last 24 hours of weather as there were several large tornadoes at night moving east and northeast at 60 mph. That is terrifying. Dozens of people appear to be dead from eastern Missouri, Arkansas to Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee. Kentucky seems to be the worst hit.

One tornado may have been on the ground for 200+ miles, challenging the record set in 1925, the "Tri-State" tornado.


As of 840 AM Saturday morning the line of thunderstorms was weaker, but still producing damaging winds. This line will move to the east coast today. It will still have potential to produce tornadoes and damaging winds, but not as vicious as Friday evening into early Saturday.


We were in the tame part of the storm, thankfully.

There was a pretty sunrise this morning as the last clouds (stratocumulus) of the powerful storm moved away.


Now we turn our attention to rare and perhaps unprecedented December weather next week.

The 7 minute video below goes in to detail on what just happened and on the upcoming odd week of December weather.

Have a great weekend.

Stay healthy